Nichii's housekeeping service offers first-class quality,
performed by Sunny Maid housekeepers.


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Nichii's housekeeping service offers first-class quality, performed by Sunny Maid housekeepers.


Privacy Statement

Nichii Group strives for the betterment of human life through all our business activities, by incorporating our customer-oriented concept of pursuing specialization and providing the best quality. As a company, we understand the social responsibility of appropriately handling personal information of our clients, collected through our activities.

To continue being a company trusted by all our stakeholders, we hereby declare the protection of all personal information, and as a company, will execute our privacy policy as follows.

April 1, 2023


Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer Nobusuke Mori

Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

  1. Any personal information that needs to be collected, used, or shared will be done after obtaining approval from the customer. The company will also disclose the purpose and the range of the personal information needed.
  2. Appropriate preventative measures for the unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsification, and leakage regarding personal information will be taken.
  3. Specific individuals, who will be responsible for personal information management, will be assigned to each division. Those responsible will respond to requests for correcting, updating, and responding to other queries regarding the personal information of the customer.
  4. Personal information protection education and training will be given to all employees in the company.
  5. Laws and rules related to personal information protection will be adhered to.
  6. A management system for information protection will be established, and all employees will follow the system. The system will be reviewed and updated regularly for continuous improvements.

Handling of Personal Information

Purpose of Personal Information Collection

The website of 【SUNNY MAID SERVICE】 hereinafter referred to as “the website”, requests customers to provide their personal information in order for the company to provide a better service with confirming the purpose of its use.

The personal information provided by customers will be used for the following purposes.

  1. Information and provision of housekeeping and related services.
  2. Provide customers with information about Nichii Group and other information.
  3. Communicating and receiving customer feedbacks (Satisfaction survey etc.)
  4. Use for statistical data to the extent that individuals cannot be identified.
  5. Product development and service improvement
  6. Recruiting activities

Types of Personal Information Collected

We define the following items as “personal information”

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Individual information included in inquiries other than those listed above.
  • Individual information of applicants to the extent necessary for recruiting activities other than those listed above.

Provision of personal information to third parties

We do not disclose or provide personal information collected from our customers to third parties except under the following circumstances.

  • Prior approval was given by the customer.
  • When outsourcing to Nichii Group companies or outside contractors for the purposes of use in 【Purpose of Personal Information collection】 above.
  • When the contract is concluded via our business partner, we may provide some of the personal information we have acquired to the business partner in order extent necessary for business purposes, such as billing for service use and reporting on the results of service use, etc.
  • When information was formally requested by the judiciary, the government, or other similar entities.
  • When information was requested by the police and/or the public office.
  • In addition to the above, when required by laws and regulations.

Creation of Anonymous Processed Information and Provision to Third Parties

Nichii Gakkan may create and provide processed personal information to third parties that individuals cannot be identified, or data cannot be reconstructed.

When creating anonymized processed information or providing it to a third party, items of personal information contained in the anonymized processed information and the method of provision will be disclosed.

Matters related to Security Control Measures

Nichii Gakkan will take the following appropriate security control measures to prevent unauthorized access to, loss, alteration, or leakage of personal information.

  1. a) Maintenance of various internal rules and regulations
  2. Establish internal rules and regulations regarding handling methods at each stage of acquisition, use, storage, provision, and disposal, etc.

  3. b) Organizational security control measures
  4. Installation of management supervisors for personal data, and development of a reporting framework for dealing with case such as information leakage. Company shall take necessary measures to maintain confidentiality obligations during employment and after retirement.

  5. c) Personnel security control measures
  6. Inclusion of secure handling of personal information in the Working Regulations and provision of regular education and training to employees.

  7. d) Physical security controls
  8. Limitation of areas of handling personal information and implement measures of locking, monitoring, and entry/exit restrictions. Prevention of theft or loss of equipment, electronic media, and documents, etc. that contain personal information.

  9. e) Technical security measures
  10. Implementation of access controls to personal information. Administration of personal data access authorizations to limited employees and introducing system that prevent unauthorized access from outside.

  11. f)Understanding of external environment
  12. When handling personal information in foreign countries, implement security control measures based on good understanding of the systems and operations for the protection of personal information in those countries.

Collection and Analysis of access logs and use of Cookies

To provide better services to customers, we use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to analyze and understand how our customers use our website.

Access logs containing information such as the route taken by visitors to this site and pages viewed are collected and sent to the Google LLC, the operator of Google Analytics, and its affiliates.

Google Analytics uses cookies to collect logs without personally identifiable information. These cookies do not adversely affect the system or files of your computer.

    ■ Details of customer information sent with the use of Google Analytics:

    ①Destination of information

  1. Google LLC and its affiliates
  2. ②Information to be sent

  3. ▪Systems, devices and network communications used for internet communications
  4. ▪Access location
  5. ▪Data related to behavior on the site/app
  6. ▪Data related to pages viewed
  7. ▪User identifiers (cookies, terminal identifiers, etc.)
  8. ③Purpose of use

  9. To analyze browsing trends and history of user

■ Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a tag management system that allows you to quickly and easily update the “tags” (collective term for tracking codes and related codes) included in websites and mobile apps.

  1. How Google uses information from sites or apps that use our services
  2. Google Analytics Terms of Service
  3. Google Tag Manager Terms of Service Agreement
  4. Google Privacy & Terms

Use 【Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on】 provided by Google to refuse collection of logs by Google Analytics. Download this add-on and install it in your browser to take advantage of this feature.

  1. Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on

Log collection can also be refused by changing your browser settings to disable cookies. If you cancel the use of cookies, you may not be able to access some or all this website and other websites.


This website uses an encrypted communication protocol SSL(Secure Sockets Layer), to securely transmit and receive our customer’s personal information.

Websites secured by SSL is recognized by the characteristics of URL addresses starting with “http:” and the mark of a key indicated in the status bar at the bottom of the browser.

Request for disclosure of Personal Information

Under Personal Information Protection Act, request of disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of personal information we collected will be responded under after verifying the identity of the claimant, respond promptly within a reasonable scope in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations and the procedures stipulated by each company of Nichii Group.

Change of Privacy Policy

Contents and clauses in the Privacy Policy posted on the website are subject to change. Revised Privacy Policy will be announced on the website immediately.

Shared use of personal data

  1. Items of personal data to be shared
  2. ①Customer name, address, phone number and email address
    ②Other than the above①, information related to individuals or related to the provision of services and prior hearings, etc. included in the content of inquiries.
    ③Other than the above①, personal information obtained from users of housekeeping services, etc.

  3. Scope of users of shared information
  4. NICHII HOLDINGS CO., LTD., and group companies (Refer to 【Affiliated Companies】 on Nichii Holdings / Nichii Gakkan Official Website)

  5. Purpose of use
  6. ▪ To develop, guide, and provide comprehensive services as the Nichii Group
    ▪ To conduct comprehensive compliance, business management and internal control including risk management in the Nichii Group, and operations incidental thereto

  7. management representative for management of personal data

    For the location of NICHII HOLDINGS CO., LTD. / NICHIIGAKKAN CO., LTD. head office, representative, and other company profiles, please refer to 【Company Profile】 on the Nichii Holdings / Nichii Gakkan official website.

Contact Information

If you have any inquiries or questions regarding personal information protection, we can be contacted via the following methods.

July 20, 2023